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Welcome to Assembly of the Fighting Arts, A.F.A. Karate of North Branford, CT!

We would like to personally welcome YOU to A.F.A. Karate & Fitness!! You’ll find that we offer the finest martial arts instruction available in a professional and comfortable setting. Our facility is a full time professional Martial Arts school dedicated to teaching top quality Karate, Kickboxing, Self Defense & Jiu-jitsu. A.F.A. Karate & Fitness Center has been in business since January 3rd, 1988! It was founded by George Fusco & is currently owned & operated by Hall of Fame instructor Roseann Fusco. A.F.A. Karate recently has been voted New Haven County’s BEST Martial Arts School! Voted BEST Martial Arts School in 2010, 2009, 2007 & 2006 by the New Haven Advocate!

Top Quality Martial Arts, Self Defense and Fitness – You’ll get it All!

The programs at A.F.A. Karate are second to none! We cater to men, women and children of all ages and experience levels. We are dedicated to helping every student develop their martial arts expertise, their physical fitness and their self defense skills. We pride ourselves on knowing our student’s needs and meeting them. Our goal is to teach quality, effective martial arts while having fun.

The Styles Taught at A.F.A. Karate Make Learning Martial Arts That Much Better!

Assembly of the Fighting Arts teaches a combination of Martial arts. Over the years, we have blended the philosophy and theories of (Japanese) Shotokan, (Korean) Tae Kwon-Do, Japanese & Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and American Kickboxing, Wrestling & Grappling to create a complete dynamic martial arts program. Shotokan is known for its strength with low powerful stances and strikes with body height kicks. Tae Kwon-Do is characterized by its speed and flexibility with head height kicks. Jiu-jitsu, wrestling & grappling are the core of our ground fighting system which is a crucial for self defense. Kickboxing increases endurance & stamina while using much of what is learned from other arts we teach. Sport Karate gives you that competitive edge. This combination makes A.F.A. Karate & Fitness Center successful, effective and pleasurable for the student. Assembly of the Fighting Arts provides professional instruction by their highly qualified team making this an excellent school. A.F.A. Karate is a great way to get fit, learn how to defend yourself, build confidence, reduce stress, loose weight and accomplish great goals!

If Competition is what you want…we’ve got you covered!

Many A.F.A. Karate instructors are also tournament competitors, judges & Champions. Sport karate is not a mandatory part of your experience at A.F.A. Karate however if you are interested in competing in sport karate know that your instructors will prepare you to follow in their footsteps of becoming a sport karate champion!

Karate Isn’t Just About Kicking & Punching

Karate isn’t just about kicking & punching, it’s about bettering yourself in EVERY way possible. At A.F.A. Karate & Fitness you will learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones, you will improve your confidence, self-discipline, Self-Defense, reduce stress, improve flexibility, and meet new people!!! While doing ALL of this, you can lose weight & improve your cardiovascular system!! WOW!!

A.F.A. Karate wants you to experience the legendary art of learning the Martial Arts, that’s why we are giving you 1 class absolutely FREE!! with no obligation of any kind. At A.F.A. Karate there are NO registration fees & NO gimmicks!! While at A.F.A. Karate, you will receive QUALITY Karate instruction with personal attention. A.F.A. Karate isn’t just a Martial Arts School, we’re a FAMILY! That’s why we are extending an invitation for you to try one class free to join us and become part of our Martial Arts family. Call Today to get started! 203-468-7956

Our staff is Incredible!

All the instructors here are A.F.A. Karate have been professionally trained to teach you everything you’ll need to be successful here. They are professional martial artists that are passionate about helping you achieve your goals. You’ll be comfortable knowing that everything you’re taught is being taught safely and properly so that you can learn quickly, get into great shape and avoid injuries.

Now is the Time for YOU to Make the RIGHT DECISION!

Let’s face it…you know that training in Martial Arts here at A.F.A. Karate might just turn out to be the best decision you’ve ever made for yourself and your family. Whatever your goal – "I want to get in shape", "I want my child to have the YES I CAN attitude", "I want to learn self defense", "I want to be a Black Belt", "I want to compete" We’re the school for you. We have seen many Success Stories here and we are ready for the next one to be Yours…so give us a call right now at 203-468-7956 and we will help you take advantage of our FREE class. We offer this to make sure that our school is the right one for you – so don’t worry, you’ve got nothing to lose… and EVERYTHING TO GAIN!

Meet A.F.A Karate's Instructors and Faculty

Roseann Fusco – Owner, 4th Degree Black Belt, Karate, Boxing , MMA & Jiujitsu, Gymnastics Instructor, Enrollment Director

Joseph Rustic – Wrestling, Jiujitsu/MMA & Karate Instructor

Brian Rustic – Wrestling, Jiujitsu/MMA & Karate Instructor 

Michael Fusco – Youth Recreation Director

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869 West Main Street 2nd Floor, Branford CT 06405
     Information: Roseann Fusco

AFAKarate facebook page


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