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New Year / New Location!
We have moved to 869 West Main Street 2nd Floor, Branford CT 06405

Adult Programs

Karate, Martial Arts & Fitness for Adults and Teens at A.F.A. Karate!

Do you want to experience a great workout while learning life saving techniques? Are you ready to be in the best shape of your life? Do you want to build strength & confidence? If so then A.F.A. Karate & Fitness is the right place for you!! I am sure you have heard that Martial Arts changes lives & Iíve got to tell you it is true! As a professional martial arts instructor for over 20 years, Iíve seen first hand how thousands of students have benefited by training in the Martial Arts!

The Adult Programs at A.F.A. Karate & Fitness are designed to enhance your quality of life through martial arts fitness & self-defense training! Our fun, action packed classes will help you transform yourself both physically & mentally. Adults today live a fast paced stressful life. Taking the time for yourself will help you to have a more balanced life with a positive attitude. While taking class you will meet new people. You will be able to let go & release all the stress that builds up during the day! Some of the classes we offer at A.F.A. Karate & Fitness are Karate, Kickboxing, Jiujitsu/Wrestling, Sparring, Sport Karate and Weapons Training. Youíre always welcome to try a FREE class to see for yourself if A.F.A. Karate is the school for you! Call today! 203-468-7956


Our staff is Incredible!

All the instructors here at A.F.A. Karate have been professionally trained to teach you everything youíll need to know properly with individualized personal progression. Be confident knowing you will be challenged without being overwhelmed & that all the instructors at A.F.A. Karate are well trained professionals! A.F.A. Karate has been voted the BEST Martial Arts School by the New Haven Advocate!! Not once, not twice but FOUR YEARS!!! (2010, 2009, 2007, 2006) Our instructors have also been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame for their hard work & dedication in the Martial Arts!! Call A.F.A. Karate today to get started! 203-468-7956

Call Today!!

Make today the day you make the best decision for yourself!! Whether you want to get healthier, learn self defense, make some friends, build confidence, release some stress, A.F.A. Karate is the school for you!! Give us a call today at 203-468-7956 and we will help you take advantage of our FREE class so you can see first hand why A.F.A. Karate is the right choice!! 

For More Information Contact:

A.F.A. Karate LLC
869 West Main St, 2nd Floor, Branford CT 06405
Tel: 203-468-7956

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