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A.F.A. Karate Owner/Instructor Profile
Roseann Fusco

Roseann Fusco

Roseann Fusco has been in the Martial Arts since 1990, achieving the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt. As a tournament competitor, Roseann has won numerous championships, state & national titles, trophies, and awards. She is a 7 time Hall of fame inductee who has been rated both regionally & nationally in weapons, forms & fighting divisions along with many fighting grand championship wins. Sensei Fusco was the top rated fighter in CT with KRANE Ratings system throughout her competition years.  She is a dedicated martial artist who truly loves what she does & it shows. She continues to train hard, teach classes and run A.F.A. Karat.  One of Sensei Fusco’s many accomplishments is the organization and development of the A.F.A.C.T. Rated Karate Championships, (Formally the Southern New England Karate Championships) which has been a successful event since 1993 & has grown to over 1000 members. As a tournament promoter, she is dedicated to fair play and sets high standards for all competitors, so that everyone leaves with a great feeling of accomplishment. Sensei Roseann has been inducted into the Hall of fame for her success in promoting the A.F.A.C.T. Rated Karate Championships. These tournaments are among the most organized, well run tournaments with unbiased judging. Roseann created, developed & coaches her tournament team, "Team A.F.A." This was a dream in which she made reality. Team A.F.A. has been very successful in their competitions. The continuing success of A.F.A. Karate is due to her undying love for the Martial Arts and for all the individuals her teaching methods have helped throughout the years. 


Hall of Fame Inductions:

- 2002 Promoter of the Year by WWMA Hall of Fame

-  2003 Black Belt of the Year by WWMA Hall of Fame

-  2003 Promoter of the Year by Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame

-  2004 Promoter of the Year by WWMA Hall of Fame

-  2005 Promoter of the Year by WWMA Hall of Fame

-  2006 Promoter of the Year by WWMA Hall of Fame

Martial Arts Experience:

- 2009 Began a series of Jiujitsu, wrestling & grappling Seminars with Master Pete Mansfield

- 2008 Began a series of Jiujitsu Seminars with Master Jeff Giroux

- 2008 Completed Advanced Curriculum Training & Principles Course taught by instructors: Roland Osborne, Felice Herrig, Terry Gay,

Carl Mascharenas, John Geyston, Jeff Jimmo, Ernie Kirk, Brenden Huor, Hermes Franca

- 2008 Participated in a 12 week session of XMA workshops with Sergio Vale De Serra

-  2007 Participated in 2 Zen Yoga Seminars by Aaron Hoopes

-  2006 Achieved the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt in Shotokan

-  2006 Participated in a Capoiera Workshop by Professor Fabiano Lucas

-  2003 Achieved the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt in Shotokan

- 2001 Began training in boxing with Michael Chamberlain

-  1999 KRANE State Champion in Fighting, Weapons and Kataform

-  1998 KRANE State Champion in Fighting, Weapons and Kataform

- 1998 Completed the New Camp Directors’ Workshop with Certification

-  1997 Began training in Tai Chi under Aiping Cheng

-  1995 Achieved rank of 1st & 2nd Degree Black Belt in Shotokan

- 1994 Began training in gymnastics at The Flip Zone in Branford, CT then In Flight Gymnastics in North Haven, CT

-  1994 Began training in Taekwondo under Daniel Carafeno

-  1992 Began teaching at A.F.A. Karate in North Branford , CT

-  1990 Began training in Shotokan under George Fusco

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869 West Main St, 2nd Floor, Branford CT 06405
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