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We have moved to 869 West Main Street 2nd Floor, Branford CT 06405

Rules of the Dojo (Training Hall)

1. MOST IMPORTANT! Leave your ego at the door.

2. A customary bow as you enter the training hall and before you leave, also to the instructor is required.

3. All participants are required to wear a CLEAN uniform with A.F.A. chest patch and respective belt.

4. Cleanliness of the body is mandatory for training.

5. Nails of both feet and hands are to be rounded to the end so as not to inflict harm or damage to a partner.

6. Mouth guards, fighting gear and cups (male students) are mandatory for sparring and should be brought to every class & all tests yellow belt & higher.

7. Refrain from fighting outside the dojo. (Karate is not a license to fight!)

8. Respect all, especially yourself.

9. If class is not yet in session, please use that time for stretching or Kata.

10. Weapons are allowed only when SENSEI provides you with them.

11. The instructor is to be addressed as SENSEI at all times within the dojo. (example: Sensei Roseann)

13. No horseplay, loudness, abusive language, or gestures are allowed in or outside of the dojo, before, during or after class.

14. Testing will be the 4th Saturday of every month.

15. A.F.A. Karate is a family. Help each other in & out of the Dojo. Your instructor will always be there for you (whether it is Karate related or not). If you are having any problems, feel free to speak with us & we’ll be glad to help.

A.F.A. Karate LLC
869 West Main St, 2nd Floor, Branford CT 06405
Tel: 203-468-7956


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