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Sensei Roseann Fusco


Your class that you teach us is the best class. I am going to work my hardest to reach my yellow belt. Can I do sparring with you when I reach my yellow belt? Then I will be looking forward to reaching a high yellow belt.


Love Dylan



Dear Roseann and Staff,


Thank you so very much for the great party for Gianna’s birthday. Everyone had a blast!! I have gotten such great feedback from all the parents. You are so wonderful with the kids (and parents)! And your helpers were also.


Dave, Toni and Gianna


I want to just tell you that we appreciate, so very much, what you do for the kids.  THANK YOU!!!!!  One of these days I will get my butt back in there too.   Sherry M.

It has been ten years since I last trained with you... But I haven't forgotten most of my lessons.  After serving almost six years in the Air Force, I became a Hartford Police Officer.  Last year I transferred to Meriden PD.  The training I received from you has allowed me to come home safe more than once.  You have provided me the basics in my Martial Arts training.  I take it with me where ever I go. 
Over the past ten years I have continued my Martial Arts training studying various arts and both military and police combat tactics.  I achieved an apprentice black belt level in Tang Soo Do and currently I am training in Kempo Karate.  Though I am a cop, my goal is to one day combine the martial arts and police work to teach to others.  Specifically, focusing on reality based self defense, and crime and terrorism awareness for the everyday civilian. 
Again, thank you for the teachings and training.  You truly give life saving skills.  It is funny but when it was the real thing the techniques that helped most were that of balance and reactionary speed.  The fast blocking techniques and basic wrist locks have done wonders. 
N.D. Sherwood


 Hello; I just wanted to say thank you.
Anthony and Tyler really enjoyed their time at A.F.A. Karate.  I was very happy to watch them. This was the first time they ever tried any sport. I look at karate not only as a sport, but as a life investment. This is something that they will carry with them for the rest of their life.  I just wanted to let you know that this was
a wonderful experience. Thanks, Theresa L.

Dear Roseann:

Gary & I just wanted to convey the wonderful feeling we have about you and your school. After sitting through Bryan’s testing and the black belt testing and following ceremonies this past weekend, both of us and my mom and sister really walked away with the utmost admiration for you both.

This feeling of admiration is not new; it has just been building over the two and a half years Bryan has been with your school. You are both truly the epitome of patience and understanding with your students and yet you never give yourselves the credit. You are always crediting your storm team and swat team and your students for their hard work. What about the hard work, determination, caring and long hours you both put into this school. You are both truly amazing and deserve all the credit which few people ever voice.

We can’t thank you enough for all the time, energy, patience, caring, discipline, and love you give to our son as well as all your students. You have been a wonderful influence on Bryan. We can only hope that when he is grown he will look back on his time with you and your school and realize how truly lucky he was to have been instructed and cared for by two incredible people such as yourselves.

Thank you so much for being our friends and for caring for our child in such a loving and trusting manner.

Tracy and Gary Brown

A.F.A. Karate of No. Bfd. participated in a tournament in Northford. It was an unbelievable show of talent, the champions of A.F.A. Karate took 1st place in every division that they entered, bringing home eight 1st place trophies.

When I approached Roseann Fusco, I asked them how they were able to develop so many champions? They replied, "A colleague of ours once said that any instructor could have one out of every ten students good, but it takes a good instructor to have 9 out of 10 students good. This saying is what we live by, at A.F.A. Karate of North Branford. We believe that every person has the ability to be a champion, they just need to find the right instructor(s) to guide them."

A.F.A. Karate is more than just learning Karate. It is a family offering positive role models, control in behavior, tutors for school, friends, group events & much more! Just stop by their school & see for yourselves what they have to offer.

The students of A.F.A. Karate who received 1st place in Kataform were, Josh Hofmeister, Patti Hofmeister, Bryan Brown, Danny Rush & Robert Stillwell, Michael DePaola received 3rd place & Richard Talmadge II received 5th place. The 1st place winners in fighting were Josh Hofmeister, Patti Hofmeister & Robert Stillwell. Michael DePaola received 3rd place & Richard Talmadge II received 4th place. Remember just trying makes you a champion, congratulations to all of you!!!

Proud to be a part of A.F.A. Karate,

Susan Bedworth

There comes a day when a student of the martial arts reaches his or her goal of attaining the coveted black belt. That day was Sunday, February 15, 1998 for four very talented and dedicated students of A.F.A. Karate, North Branford. Daniel Rush, Robert Stilwell, James DeLoughery & Victoria Conte began that last step that they had trained years for. As a parent of one of them, I feel very proud to see all the hard work and determination culminate in achievement of that goal. Each student has been involved in the karate program from four to five years. So to are the parents as they are the ones that make the time to bring the student to the studio and pick them up or stay for the duration of the class. Most students attend classes three to four times a week. The style of karate they practice is called "Shotokan", this is a Japanese-Okinawan style.

As their test was about to begin I could see the enthusiasm and anticipation as the big day had arrived. It was time to demonstrate all they had learned. The test consisted of: striding; three step and one step; self defense; forms; planned and spontaneous self defense and sparring. I felt the testing was a true measure of their abilities to execute all the segments required. They excelled at what they did as reflected by their scores and had fun, especially with self defense. In addition to George Fusco, Jr., owner and chief instructor of A.F.A. Karate and 4th degree black belt, three guest instructor’s from all the Connecticut area accepted the invitation to help grade the black belt candidates. Each of them also have their own karate schools. They are: Matt Jones-5th degree black belt; Robert DeLeon-3rd degree black belt, and Jelendo Wallace-3rd degree black belt. It was very nice of each of them to take time out of their busy schedules to help out with this special event.

As I watched the test progress it made me think back to all the training/teaching done by the owner Roseann Fusco.  I am very pleased to see the caring and supportive roles they as instructors display. But more importantly they both always convey a feeling of family to the students and parents. I believe these four students have not completed a journey but rather have just started the next level that really has no end as they now have begun the next chapter. their roles are not only that of the student but also that of the teacher.

Roseann Fusco started a creed that the students say at the beginning of classes. One line of that creed is, "A.F.A. Karate is a black belt school", after the ceremony, seeing them all with their new black belts, I am sure they all felt a renewed feeling of what it means to be a black belt and to represent their school in that capacity. Now it is up to these new "Sensei s" to help bring out the best in all the other students by showing their continued sense of motivation and dedication to the art. I only wish more of our youth and young adults can be these types of leaders.

What a proud day this was. Well done A.F.A. Karate of North Branford!

Robert Stilwell

Hamden, Connecticut

Gladiator Award = There is only one gladiator award given in each division. This award is presented to the person who places the highest in all three tournaments (Boston Inter, Ocean State, and New England Open). Patti Hofmeister received 3rd place in 2 tournaments & 2nd in the other!!!! Congratulations Patti-Cakes!!!!!!

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